Upfront Anlaysis is a business consulting company based in Connecticut. Working with entrepreneurs, startups and existing companies large and small. UA President John Ireland helps to get the important work done upfront to achieve your company’s goals


There are many aspects of a company’s strategy that need to be considered when developing a plan. Tying them all together is not an easy task.


Financial analysis requires more than just running the numbers. It is deeply mired in the initial assumptions and is critical in projecting reality.

Business Development

Business Development empowers a company to grow and expand, but there is a lot of work that needs to be be done upfront.

Upfront Analysis has a History

Upfront Analysis has been around since 1998 right after John graduated from Business School. He saw companies starting to grow too quickly, believeing they had to expand as rapidly as possible. This lead to poor decisions and unexpected outcomes. Something was missing…

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Working as a Team

At an initial intake meeting, Upfront Analysis will answer your questions about how we work together, tailored to your needs. Expectations need to be aligned and services need to be discussed and clarified. In the DIscovery Process…

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Our Clients

Upfront Analysis has been engaged by many types of companies of various sizes and shapes. From a local farmer to a billion dollar public electronics company. From a global mobile processing conglomerate to a small software startup. Upfront’s range of clients gives you outside perspectve on how others succeed.

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